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What is the origin of the word pokey

Wayne Klatt, Chicago USA, i wonder could it have originated as a mishearing by Americans of a word used in many Eastern European countries for bandit, "Hajduck"?
All correct, which does look a bit strange, given that all doesnt begin with o and correct doesnt start with.
There have been numerous attempts to explain the emergence of this expression, which seems to have swept into popular use in the US during the mid-19th century.
take Our Word for It, an online magazine that details the origins of words, provides more detail: "Picnic was borrowed from French piquenique, a word which seems to have originated around the end of the 17th century.However, the unclear definition of what it meant, ranging from all correct to a tongue-in-cheek criticism of someones abilities/intelligence, lent it a certain intrigue that helped it stick in peoples mind and mouth.What Happens When A Bird Strikes An Aircraft?Outside America and to the English-speaking world as a whole, and from there, the simplicity of the term, and its fluid meaning, appealed to countless other cultures.It does not seem at all likely, from the linguistic and historical evidence, that it comes from the Scots expression och aye, the Greek ola kala it is global casino championship good the, choctaw Indian oke or okeh it is so the French aux Cayes from Cayes.Is one of the most versatile words in the English language and beyond. .For those who arent fresh on their 19th century presidential trivia, Martin van Buren had a nickname Old Kinderhook as he was a native of Kinderhook,.This is where individuals would "pic" a black person to lynch and make this into a family gathering.Home, is the Word "Picnic" Derogatory?Into the national vernacular, although with a bit more tact than this.Given that this was only one year after.k.Although not taught in American learning institutions and literature, it is known in most Black history professional circles and literature that the origin of the term "picnic" derives from the acts of lynching African-Americans.The original hyphen shows that it's a compound word.That editor was simply making a joke, and most people would have forgotten the phrase, or it would have fallen out of style, had this editorial piece not preceded the presidential election of Martin van Buren.Whatever explanation you want to believe, suffice to say that it is impossible to get everyone to agree on history, which is why etymology (the study of the origin of words) is such an intriguing field for some people.Were still nowhere near actually breaking the word down to components."Hajduk (or ajduk, haydut, haiduk, haiduc, hayduck, hayduk) is a term most commonly referring to outlaws, highwaymen or freedom fighters in the Balkans and Central and Eastern Europe.All signs point to the Boston Morning Post and Martin van Buren explanation as being true, since it is historically verifiable, but who knows.As a sign that the transmission had been received and that it was all correct.This folk etymology is an online rumor, which is patently false.