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What does poke mean on facebook

what does poke mean on facebook

On Facebook, it just means you're saying 'Hi' and letting the person know you're online.
Be sure to jackpot master spielen poke them back.
This can be a bit risky, as well as tricky.It means nudging someone hard on their back or hand with your finger in order to get attention.But to delete your farmville you will need to go to settings and go and Block the aplication!Poke is another worked for jab or prod.( Full Answer yes, it does me people get an uncomfortable feeling.And if the person is your friend you can poke back.Prod and stir (a fire) with a poker to make it burn morefiercely.Prod, jab, dig, elbow, nudge, shove, stab.An act of poking someone or something.Right here are all your Facebook poke questions, addressed.If you just talk to him like its a normal thing, like youre already comfortable with each other, it will feel totally comfortable to both of you.Luckily, this means you can't be harassed by one more customer or have your alerts blown up by 20 pokes from the same person.Last; click the big green button saying something like 'allow followers' (hope IT works) it took me ages to figure it out!The person who does this on this site you tries to get your attention to him so that both of you can start a conversation.Noun: poke ; plural noun: pokes ; noun: poke bonnet ; plural noun: pokebonnets.One of the common features is to poke someone.It fulfills the same purpose on this site, though it does virtually.Generally speaking, if a guy initiates some form of contact with you that he didnt need to, then hes most likely interested and this is his approach to get his foot in the door.An alternative, if you are the tech-kind of person, is to use agreasemonkey script to automatically poke back your easemonkey scripts work by injecting little bits of JS into thepage, thereby poking friends back when it detects a poke.What you can feel is a discomfort in your stomach that can stretch towards your vagina and it shouldn't be painful; it would feel more weird than painful.

Don't poke them for a while or until they think they havewon then poke them, you just have to keep poking back and when theystop poking you back you have won.
In which case YOU will get a message saying "So-and-so poked you".