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Skyrim slot 43

The following list should help you choose an appropriate pair of alternate slots: 44: IJ Left Forefinger Rings.
The mod was released in early April as a beta, and after four months of bug elimination and testing, was released as a full release on Aug 5, 2015.
The amulets are also tagged with keywords to roulette souris apple marche plus work with Immersive Jewelry's enchantment system.
Complete Crafting Overhaul is strongly suggested for two reasons - paris bingo printable first, it will allow you to reduce your crafting menus to only display what you want of the 4200 jewelry pieces.The following mods are suggested for the sake of balance or visual continuity: Gemling Queen Dragon Claws -Adds refraction to the dragon claw dungeon keys.IJ Left Bracelets.A bashed patch is necessary to merge book leveled lists with other mods that supply books.Bandolier Front Left Pouches. SeveNBase a custom FemaleBodyReplacer, iD:36992 Adult-Only Author:Crosscrusade DeMoNhUnTeR1986 Sevennity 22:31 Version:sexy.This mod is not only a synthesis of nearly every jewelry pack or mod on the Nexus, but an expansion of them all several times over, including retextures, leveled lists, and both a new crafting and a new enchanting system.Bandolier Back Right Pouches, Wearable Lanterns.Rate: 286 G20, download site, tAG: tbbp, bBP.The following mods are suggested for gameplay enhancement that is highly compatible with Immersive Jewelry: The Signet Ring Pack from Dovahbling -This is the only part of Dovahbling not included in Immersive Jewelry, but they are rings given on ascendancy to the thanedom of all.The IJ version comes with special banknote textures which correspond with the goldsmith guild mentioned in the Immersive Jewelry lorebooks.Some roulette russe walid circlet meshes came with armor addons for Khajiit and Argonians.For that matter, I hate having weighted septims too!Normal rings only swap from right to left forefinger.
Dual Sheath Redux : By default the patcher sets shields to use slot 60 and staves to use slot.
Now a gold ingot found in a treasure hoard of sacked ship cargo will be worth a whole lot more than a Honningbrew Mead, and you'll craft a whole lot more than 2 rings from.

I also included maluses and bonuses to enchantment effects on weapons, to give a reason why one might place a certain type of gem on a sword, or whatnot.
5 of them will still make a 35 weight cuirass, if that's how you like.