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Poker post flop

Any time our euromillions suisse loterie romande opponent just calls on a draw-y board texture.
Mid-position limps with A 9, gets raised.5x by the BB and (reluctantly) calls.
There's No Shame in Folding Post-Flop.
Note: Some basic strategies are more relevant to cash games than tournaments and vice versa.Our bankroll is a much squishier thing because our game is actually funded from outside.This may seem a bit extreme, but it often isn't.Big Hands Big pots, if its likely that well have an ultra-strong hand by the river, we want to play for stacks.The best strategy, in this case, is to play draws passively in accordance with our pot-odds and implied-odds.As we've discussed numerous times, large rewards have a significant impact on shaping our emotions and our approach to the game.The problem is it's so easy to get emotionally attached to strong hands get married" is the tag line often heard).The problem lies in the disjunction between the probability of the big hand and that of catching a minor piece of the flop.Even minor incidents of tilt can be enough to prevent an otherwise decent player from making any money if these incidents are occurring on a semi-regular basis.Despite this, the average player is often confused by draw strategy.The play is designed to take advantage of a pre-flop raiser who likely missed the flop.When you first begin to use some of the ploys we've discussed you're likely to find them less than satisfactory.It's amazing how few regulars in the trenches understand this.Your cards are irrelevant.But there is more to it than just naked aggression.Therefore, we cant go around folding everything against a flop raise unless our opponent hardly ever raises flops.There is always a place for a properly timed follow-through, but you should be highly aware of your table image and opponents tendencies before using it when youve missed the flop.Trying to fight what you suspect is a c-bet with a check-raise is going to cost you a chunk of change if your opponent hit the flop.This approach will help at first, but it has an acknowledged down side: opponents will suss you out and you won't get much action when you have a hand.Further Reading: Get Up to 500 for Your partypoker Bankroll Now!And if you catch a piece of the flop it'll get even tougher to bail out of the hand BTW, I chose the T 2 example here for a reason.
If hit, well be thankful for the big pot.
You make a bet of about 2/3 the pot.

To become an expert post flop player requires focused study and experience.
A holding such as tptk might be extremely strong on some board runouts, but extremely weak on others.
Someone has pushed you off of two or three hands.