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Paradox poke song

In an episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, "Warriors Of Kudlak: Part 2 the computer Mistress responds to the news of peace with "Peace does not compute as it was only programmed for war situations.
It was usually the computer's response to information which it had received but could not reconcile with other information it already held to be true.
"Well she's my best friend's girl / And she used to be mine.
'Dangerous Type' exemplifies this shift: A seedy glam brood, the song boasts slicing guitar, swaggering riffs (paging.It re-appeared in the CGI series Star Wars: The Clone Wars in an episode on the planet Ryloth, when a number of Twi'Lek characters attacked a robotic general, much to the robots' fatal surprise.(See also " Halt and Catch Fire ".) Although not using the phrase "does not compute the short story " Liar!The song's object of affection, meanwhile, is a wild child who knows she's able to manipulate anyone because of her beauty: "She says, let's go / She's laughing inside 'cause they can't refuse.".The concept of a " killer poke however, horaire loto quebec refers to user input intended to induce hardware damage.Despite its name, 'Good Times Roll' unfolds at a strolling pace - a paradox matching sardonic lyrics full of scorn for the supposed good times.Finally, he types in "what ARE MY chances?" The answer returns: "Does Not Compute." 2 In a Futurama episode, Leela 's attempt to thwart Robot Santa with a paradox was stopped by his "paradox-absorbing crumple zones".In some cases, presenting a computer or robot with such a contradiction would cause it to violently self-destruct.I'm in love with Jango - USA Today.In the Doctor Who story " The Green Death the Doctor attempts to put the computer boss, which claims to be infallible, out of action using the liar paradox.The phrase indicates casinoorg sunday freeroll password a type of cognitive dissonance on the part of the machine in question.

10 'Bye Bye Love from: 'The Cars' (1978 one of the many great Ric Ocasek-penned, Ben Orr-sung tunes in the Cars' catalog (heck, on the Cars' debut LP 'Bye Bye Love' is more abstract than direct.
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