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He co-occurrence of both kinds of markers characterizes a third type.
Gu de fetali gi de fale-hano-tau ainei de vaka.How spec resolve obj spec anaph pl problem How to resolve these problems?In most languages, however, nominalized clauses partake of both nominal and verbal properties.(ii) Relative clauses: In the range of uses of nominalizations encountered in the world languages, the attributive function of relative clauses is well attested in Oceanic lan- guages.Ua mere au i toe pahono-raa.The murder of his father, he) (8) Ù-kaxê rö, kè-da-xëtë.Kè-mê na rè nyärä Nèpôrô mê Tuura.Propositional/activity/state nomi- nalization) goes together with non-initeness in the verbal domain, as well as with co-occurrence restrictions in the nominal domain (e.g.Some predicates in Kanak languages are inlected depending on the object (object incorporation, or pronominal.Koo oti te solooga o temotou fekei.Pfv inish spec gratenmlz poss 1pl.Up-dir hey are going up here.It will also be shown, however, that there are constraints on indi- vidual tense-aspect markers in individual languages, depending on a variety of factors.Pst pred spec man teach 2sg You have been a teacher, you?John Benjamins Publishing Company his is a contribution from Finiteness and Nominalization.Most of the following examples include a temporal speciication, and are thus anchored in time.He perfective marker wâ must occur before the nominal- ized construction.John Benjamins Publishing Company All rights reserved Referential markers in Oceanic nominalized constructions (51) Xârâcù Wâ kè-coa rè Anik.I hat every day).He head-noun of such bare exclamative clauses may be an overtly derived noun, as in Tuvaluan (25 (25) Tuvaluan (Besnier 2000: 40) Te galet derailleur shimano deore galii-ga o te mei maafai e theory and design of fractional slot pm machines falai!
Spec gun npst hit anaph spec lady erg spec pfv the gun with which the accused hit the lady.

A further introductory point to be noted is the small inventory of overt categories in Oceanic languages.
Analogous variation is also found in the occurrence of negative markers (Section 4) and the marking of grammatical relations (ergative.