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Do sloth bears hibernate

do sloth bears hibernate

Before entering their dens for winter lethargy, bears gain considerable amount of weight, of about 40 pound per week.
Sows gestate for 210 days, and typically give birth in caves or in shelters under boulders.
Hubli, Karnataka, India: Drongo Media.
Only the Himalayan black bear subspecies of Asian black bear is nearly as dangerous.Ifthey were active in colder weather, they would need even more food.Sloth bears have a shaggy black coat, especially over the shoulders.Characterization and prevention of attacks on humans.37 As tigers are known to mimic the calls of sambar deer to attract them, sloth bears react fearfully even to the sounds made by deer themselves.Bears enter the winter lethargy state gradually and do not awaken until disturbed.The grizzly bear does not enter its den for hibernation until the onset of a blizzard, the one that would cover its tracks as it enters the den.Retrieved Catton, Charles (1788).31 The wife of Kenneth Anderson kept an orphaned sloth bear cub from Mysore, which she named "Bruno".They are able to wake up faster if loto quebec roue de fortune lot mystere they are disturbed, but do not eat or drink all winter, they are able to process urea into water.Fischer called it Chondrorhynchus hirsutus, while Tiedemann named it Ursus longirostris.
Females are smaller than males.

During this state, the body temperature of a bear stays quite normal.