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Buy a pig in a poke meaning

A mess, a disaster.
Amyl or butyl nitrate.E.g."I'm fine with most horror films, but the Evil Dead really puts the willies." put the wood into the hole Vrb phrs.Piss oneself Vrb phrs.Late 1990s pootle Verb.Derived from the popular and pet-form of the Irish name.'madam palm and her five sisters' and 'rosie palm and her five sisters'.A contemptible time waster.A greeting or parting salutation, used on the underground rave scene.Pull one's pud Vrb phrs.Piss in the wind Vrb phrs.To have vigorous sex.Originally a slang term for the penis but fairly inoffensive now its meaning has been forgotten.An erection of the penis.
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E.g."My dad will kill me, I've just pranged his car on a lampost." Adj.
A woman with erect nipples, evident through her clothing.
To mess around, waste time.

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